Where Natural Leather Chamois are Made

In the “Global Economy”, finding a genuine leather chamois cloth made from New Zealand sheepskin can be confusing. Although the best Sheepskin for making chamois’ comes from New Zealand, the tanning process is often done in a different country, due to production cost and availability of tanning materials.  New Zealand Chamois' are "Made In" Other Countries?So while the best sheepskins come from New Zealand, a chamois’ that says "Made in New Zealand" on the label can be almost impossible to find. This is because almost all chamois are tanned, or “made”, in countries other than New Zealand.


Why doesn't my Chamois say “Made In” New Zealand?

Because of the laws that govern labeling, many chamois cloths that are tanned using New Zealand sheepskin are required to be labeled as “made in” or “product of” some other country.  So Chamois’ are labeled based on the country in which they were tanned, rather than the country the sheepskin came from. 

It’s worth doing the research to get the genuine article and most manufacturers now have the information available online.  A quality leather chamois is an investment that can provide years of safe spot-free drying.