Using Your Natural Leather Chamois

Prior to use, the Chamois should be rinsed in clean water and completely rung out.  Rewetting a dry chamois and ringing it out completely will restore the original softness and make it absorbent.  After the vehicle has been thoroughly washed and rinsed, the re-wetted and wrung out chamois should be gripped and held apart by two adjacent corners and pulled across the surface to be dried.


Using A ChamoisWhy Choose a Natural Leather Chamois

Unlike the synthetic products on the market, a genuine leather chamois cloth is extremely soft, absorbent, contains lots of nap and, most importantly, releases the dirt and grit completely into the rinse water.  No other product has this same unique combination of characteristics. It should be noted that, because chamois cloths are tanned with oils, any grease or oils that the cloth comes in contact, that have not been removed from the surface of the vehicle, will be difficult to remove from the chamois,.  However, any stains that do occur will be on the cloth itself and will not affect performance.  A quality chamois cloth can last for many years with proper care.


How a Chamois Protects the Finish

Any dirt and grit that could not be removed during the wash process will be pulled into natural nap of the cloth.  Any particles that are picked up are  safely trapped in the cloth away from the paint where it might otherwise mar the finish.  The chamois should be rinsed and thoroughly wrung out often.  This will release any particles removed from the finish into the rinse water and insure that the cloth does not become saturated with grit.  It is essential that before using ANY cloth to dry a vehicle, that the vehicle be thoroughly washed and completely rinsed with clean water.