Softening Your Dried Genuine Leather Chamios

A dry leather chamois can be extremely stiff, especially after several uses or if not properly rinsed before drying.  However, a stiff chamois cloth can easily be re-softened for dry use or easy storage. 


Softening a Chamois for Dry Use

Softening A Chamois by Rubbing it Against ItselfA dry softened chamois can be used to remove fingerprints from computer screens, phones, appliances and windows.  Once dry a chamois cloth can be re-softened by rubbing the leather against itself or by gripping it by the opposite ends of the cloth and drawing it back and forth across the edge of a clean surface, until the desired softness is reached. A dry softened chamois cloth can be used to clean a variety of electronics and appliances and is much easier to fold for storing.  However, it is recommended that a dedicated chamois be used for cleaning electronics with softer surfaces, such as monitor, television and some phone screens.  A chamois used for other applications where dirt or grit are present could scratch the softer materials if they are not removed completely in the cleaning/rinse process.  Having a chamois that is only used to clean electronics is the safest option.


Softening a Chamois for Wet Use

Re-wetting a dry stiff chamois cloth will immediately re-soften the cloth and prepare it for use.  No special instructions are required.  A wetted or damp chamois cloth is great for drying windows, mirrors, stainless steel surfaces and vehicles.