Properly Storing Your Chamois

Stretch Out A Damp Chamois Before Hang DryingAfter use, wash the chamois in clean soapy water, rinse, wring out and then stretch the cloth out by its edges.  Hang the damp chamois up, away from direct sunlight, until completely dry.  Once dry the chamois will be stiff, however rubbing the chamois against itself or across the edge of a clean dry surface will restore the natural softness and make it easier to fold for storage.


Where to Store a Chamois

Once the chamois cloth has completely dried, it should be stored in a dry place away from chemicals and direct sunlight. Make sure the chamois is not stored in extreme heat or extreme cold.  If the chamois is hung damp and freezes, the fibers will break as the water expands, prematurely aging the leather. 

Soften A Dried Chamois for Easy Folding


Before Storing a Chamois

Once the chamois has been washed, rinsed and wrung out, gently pull on the edges to stretch the cloth back into its natural shape.  Hang the chamois up to dry away from direct sunlight.  Do not store a chamois wet by folding or wadding it up. Do not place in a bag or any other air-tight container while wet.

Like any natural leather product, a chamois will naturally stiffen as it dries. But because the water absorption and release of chamois leather is so great it will stiffen more quickly and to a greater degree than most other leather products. Re-softening a chamois before storing makes the cloth much easier to fold. However, once rewetted the chamois cloth will immediately return to its natural hydrophilic state.

Store the Chamois in a Dry Place Away from Direct Sunlight