New Zealand Sheepskin for Chamois

With its extensive natural pasture land and consistent climate, New Zealand is ideally suited for raising sheep. The temperature and rainfall remain consistent, the soil is rich in nutrients making the grass more nutritious, and the cooler climate of the pasture lands produces a thicker higher quality hide.

Chamois Leather from New Zealand


Breeds of Sheep

There are many different breeds of sheep and they are bred to thrive in different climates and on different types of feed.  Unlike the arid regions (Iran, Texas, and South America) which also produce sheep, New Zealand hides are much better suited to making chamois’.  Because of its climate and available feed, New Zealand grows a higher number of the breeds that produce a skin of the best protein structure, size, weight and strength for the production of the highest quality chamois’.


Consistency and Quality Matters

Because of the long tradition of sheep farming in New Zealand, and its relatively stable weather conditions and feed availability, the country produces very high quality sheepskins on a consistent basis.  Regions which have less stable climates or larger variations in temperature, rainfall, feed availability, etc…year after year cannot consistently produce the quality of skins necessary for chamois cloth production.