Using a Chamois to Clean Your Vehicles Interior

Cleaning A Vehicle Interior with a Chamois

Not only does a chamois do a great job drying a vehicles outside, it works equally well inside.  A chamois cloth can be used damp or dry to clean the vehicle without the need for chemicals.  A properly prepared chamois (see “Preparing Your Chamois for Its First Use” section) is a lint free solution to removing built up grime, dust, smudges and fingerprints from the dash, console, instruments, windows, steering column and wheel, as well as any other plastic, chrome, aluminum, wood, glass or other reflective surfaces. 


Cleaning Without Chemicals

Unlike many other vehicle interior cleaning solutions or chemical treatments, a chamois will not leave any residue to oxidize and discolor.  Using your chamois on the interior, as well as the exterior, also eliminates the need to buy additional cleaning products and solutions.  A genuine leather chamois cloth is a cost-effective, lint-free, chemical-free, natural way to clean your vehicles’ interior as well as safely dry your vehicles’ finish.